2020 hasn’t been particularly promising, especially when it seems like the entire world hit the pause button after the effects of the pandemic was seen worldwide.

This rather monotonous year hasn’t been easy. Whilst we are all eager to start 2021 and bring this ugly chapter to a close, it’s also the perfect time to self-reflect upon 2020. Ugly as it was, we’ve all probably learnt a thing or two, and it’ll be good to have these takeaways brought forth into the new year.

To always be thankful

The greatest lessons learned in 2020 to heed in the new year
Image: Gabrielle Henderson/ Unsplash

Undoubtedly, 2020 has brought with it plenty of suffering. But the fact that you pulled through what could have been the most challenging year in history is a feat in itself. Considering all the major disruptions, it’s important to not think less of yourself just because you weren’t able to make much progress this year. Instead, give yourself major kudos for surviving the mundane year.

2020 has also brought with it high retrenchment rates and a heavy impact on the global economy. For those with a secure job, it’s totally normal that you dread heading to the office on alternate weeks, or waking up to a 8am Zoom meeting. It’s important, however, to be thankful at the end of the day that you do have a steady flow of income.

Exploring your own backyard can be really fun

As an avid traveller myself, not getting a stamp on my passport irks me, especially when I yearn for a holiday to step away from reality. With travel plans halted, locals (including me) have resorted to exploring Singapore’s neighbourhoods.

With the help of the SGDiscovers vouchers, there are plenty of activities to occupy ourselves within our little red dot. From kayaking to heritage tours to lavish staycations, we can take the time to reconnect with the close friends that we have only managed to chat with via Zoom for months. If you reckon only an overseas trip could take your worries away, perhaps you have not explored Singapore enough! So, it’s time to book yourself an activity and get some bonding done before the new year kicks off.

Getting to know yourself better

The word ‘alone’ sounds pretty daunting to begin with, so much so that our minds are programmed to tell ourselves that we could always rely on others when we need company.

The greatest lessons learned in 2020 to heed in the new year
Image: fotografierende/ Unsplash

Without a doubt, the pandemic has pushed us to become more self-reliant. Some of us might even have scored some solo downtime, which was a rare occurrence during pre-Covid days. It’s only human to have had days where you’ve felt depressed and lonely, and your thoughts would drift away to places. But, with the loneliness came days where you learned new attributes about yourself. Perhaps one of which begins with noticing how you are easily contented over little things, and how some things that you thought sparked happiness, doesn’t.

Being by yourself makes it a perfect time to self-reflect. Life could have been busy, and you were possibly so preoccupied with routine hangouts that you might have neglected yourself. Being in lockdown has definitely allowed ourselves to revisit our achievements and jot down plans for the future. Now that we are somewhat done with quarantine and slowly falling back into our old routines, it’s time to bring those plans into fruition.

To never stop learning

Remember the days where we were all busy whipping up a cup of Dalgona coffee and keeping up with new home workouts? You might have done it out of boredom, but you took the liberty to acquire new skills with the extra time on your hands. If you were to ask your pre-Covid busy souls, this might have never happened.

If you are currently still occupying yourself with learning new skills, pat yourself on the back for being able to venture out of your comfort zone. It’s important to never stop learning and growing, no matter your age.

Let’s raise our glasses (virtually) to a toast for a 2021 where we can reap even more life lessons. From the Getbutler team to you, we wish you a blessed new year!

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