2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, and we’ve never been more excited to kiss a year goodbye with some glam makeup looks. No matter what your plans entail – whether you’re having a Zoom countdown or a socially distanced party – there’s really no better time pull out all the stops for all the sparkly glitter drama.

After all, nothing spells fun like sparkling shimmers. From subtle touches to over-the-top drama, these year-concluding eyeshadow looks will inject a boatload of festiveness and cheer to your New Year’s vibe. Eye them all, below.  

All out sparkle

This look definitely spells a fun night ahead with its full-on style. To further amp up the glam factor, pop on some false flutters and go light on the rest of your makeup. This’ll make your eyes the star of the show.  

Embellished fun

If you’re looking to join in on the fun but you lack eyeliner and eyeshadow adroitness, we’ve got you covered with this look. Swipe on a subtle shadow in a neutral shade, and thereafter use eyelash glue to decorate your lids with stickers and embellishments instead. Super quick, super fun, and super easy to do.

Smoky shadow

This list definitely wouldn’t be complete without a classic smoky eyeshadow look. Since New Year’s Eve is literally the best excuse for uninhibited drama, pull out all stops with your most intense dark eyeshadow.

To avoid panda-eyes, swipe on some soft shimmering glitter atop the smoked out shadow. Dress up the regular set-up with sparkly details for a starry-eyed look, and boom – you’re set for any party.

Glitter liner

Looking for something more subdued but still statement-making in its own way? Glitter liner is the way to go. Whether it’s a cat-eye flick or a subtle underline, you won’t go wrong with this look. If you’re not feeling the glitter, swap it out for some coloured eyeliner and you’re good to go.  

Coloured mascara

In a rush and haven’t got the time to adorn your lids with eyeshadow? Grab a tube (or two, or three…) of coloured mascara and you’re set. Simply swipe on your favourite colour(s) and no one will know you spent less than five minutes on this look.  

Euphoria eyes

If there’s one thing HBO’s Euphoria is known for, it’s the statement makeup looks that have changed many a makeup game. Channel your inner Maddy (or Jules!) and deck your eyes out with crystals, pearls and gems. Don’t worry about messing up – this makeup take is all about having fun.

Floating wing liner

2020 was definitely the year of graphic floating liners. This ‘60s trend was seen everywhere – from runways to celebrities to The Queen’s Gambit. We’re not complaining though, for this eyeliner look is not only easy to execute, but also adds a unique take to your makeup.

To replicate the look, select a coloured eyeliner of your choice (popular options are white, full-on black, or you know it – glitter). Draw an arc (carefully) along your crease, and you’re pretty much done. This option might take some extra precision and effort to get done, but the results are totally worth it.