Although more of us have been given the green light to head back to the office, working from home (WFH) is still very much sticking around. It can be inconvenient to shuffle between different environments, and you might not know how to adapt to your ever-changing workstations.

If you’re thinking of ways to make your non-stationary working arrangement better, these useful items below can be versatile additions to when working at home, a cafe or the office.


Laptop stand

These useful items are great for when working from home or at the office

Image: Unsplash

Since the start of WFH, you’ve probably noticed more people using a laptop stand.

Notice how they are no longer hunched over at the desk? These stands are an easy way to prop your screen up nearer to eye level, which is a recommended position to improve posture and prevent neck strains. To reduce any strains on the eye, it is also beneficial to have the screen at an arm’s length away.

There is a wide range of laptop stands with different materials, sizes and shapes. We suggest opting for one that is foldable and compact, which can be easily transported between your home and the office. Moreover, many stands are highly affordable whilst serving their intended function of giving your laptop some height.


Seat cushions

These useful items are great for when working from home or at the office

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Many of us probably don’t pay much attention to the chairs we sit on, be it at the office or home. If they lack the proper ergonomic properties, working long hours on them can cause tons of body discomfort issues.

If you find that your usual chair isn’t giving your lower back the support it needs, try getting a lumbar pillow; it can be easily strapped onto your chair to act as a cushion for your back.

Another common problem that you might face could be an uncomfortable chair base. Placing an ergonomic seat cushion can help to reduce pressure on the tailbone, hips and pelvis area, as well as distribute the weight of your body evenly.

Since it can be slightly inconvenient to bring around bulkier pillows, consider getting one for your home and office to ensure that your body gets the support it needs no matter where you’re working at.


These useful items are great for when working from home or at the office

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If you sometimes find yourself having to do work at inconvenient spots or cafe tables with limited space, a trackpad could be a good replacement for your mouse.

The wireless gadget acts as your cursor for your laptops or tablets, and can be conveniently hand-held or propped up against your lap. Moreover, unlike with a mouse, you are able to use smaller wrist movements when navigating on your devices.

Slim and compact, trackpads don’t take up too much space in your bag and are easy to bring around with you wherever you go.

Thermos flask

These useful items are great for when working from home or at the office

Image: Unsplash

Whether you’re at home, a cafe or the office, having your hot beverage turn cold quickly can be a tiny yet bothersome situation. Either you’ll shrivel up at your less than desirable coffee or tea, or peel yourself away from your seat to get a refill.

What you can do is to switch out your ordinary mug for a thermos flask, which helps to keep your liquids toasty and fresh. If you’re afraid of your ice-cold drink turning lukewarm, the flask can also maintain its chill temperature.

We recommend getting one that is compact and convenient to place in your bag, allowing you to enjoy your drinks steaming or chilly for a longer period. Besides, by using these handy reusable bottles, you are able to reduce the use of plastic.

It can be tough to constantly hop between working at home, remotely or at the office, but adding items such as a laptop stand or thermos flask can make a positive change to your environment.

Feature image taken from Unsplash