It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate the most important women in our lives; our mothers. You’ve probably been wrecking your brain on what to surprise your mum with, but as cliche as it sounds, we’re sure it’s not the gift that matters (though we’re sure she’ll love some roses), but the thought and love that counts.

What could be a better idea than doing something that is not only meaningful, but also encourages bonding time with each other? Check out these five activities that are the perfect ways to spend Mother’s Day.

Concoct your own unique perfume

5 Activities that are perfect for celebrating Mother's Day

Image: Unsplash

Whilst you might be thinking of grabbing something off the shelves at the store, giving your mum the opportunity to customise her own perfume can be a much more personalised and thoughtful experience.

Not only do both of you get to bag home your own special scents, but also be able to open your eyes (and noses) to the science and beauty behind the fragrance-creating process. And whenever your mum uses her perfume, she’ll fondly remember the quality time spent together with you.

Check out these perfume-making workshops: Maison 21G, Oo La Lab, Scent by SIX

Get fancy at a wine tasting session

5 Activities that are perfect for celebrating Mother's Day

Image: Unsplash

If having a glass of wine or two is your mum’s cup of tea, shake things up for Mother’s Day with a wine tasting session.

If you and your mum are amateurs in the area of all-things-wine, we recommend dipping your toes in something a little more beginner-friendly. Perhaps check out introductory classes on different types of wines, where you can pick up skills such as tasting techniques and what to look out for when purchasing a bottle.

Check out these wine tasting sessions: Fine Wines, Eventbrite

Have fun at a floral arrangement workshop

5 Activities that are perfect for celebrating Mother's Day

Image: Unsplash

Whilst it’s perfectly fine to gift your mum some flowers from your nearby florist, making your own bouquets together can be a fun and thoughtful way to bond.

First-timers might be surprised to know how much effort goes into making a simple bouquet; look forward to learning about arrangement techniques, colour combinations, flora care and more. Let your creativity flourish and bring home your very own thoughtful creations.

Check out these floral arrangement workshops: Fleuriste, Poppy Flora, Nicole’s Flower

Get bubbly at a soap-making workshop

5 Activities that are perfect for celebrating Mother's Day

Image: Unsplash

Soaps from pumps are great for their convenience, but there’s just something satisfying about a perfectly shaped block of handsoap. However, rather than picking some up from your nearest supermarket, making your own is much more rewarding.

Apart from learning soap-making techniques, you’ll also be able to know what your soap is being made with; many soap-making workshops use natural and skin-friendly ingredients, which allow for a worry-free bath time. Plus, our mums deserve products that are good for their skin.

Check out these soap-making workshops: Soap Art, Soap Ministry, Sugar & Spice

Craft your own trinket trays and dishes

Images: Chokmah

After making your own personalised soaps, what better way to display them than with a handmade trinket dish or tray? These versatile home decor pieces can also be used to hold your jewellery, keys, drinks and other everyday items.

Apart from being exposed to the different techniques used when it comes to crafting your own tray or dish, you’ll get to play around with different colours and styles. These meaningful and creative pieces will not only add colour to your home, but they’ll be a lovely reminder of the time spent with your mum.

Check out these tray and dish-making workshops: Chokmah, Pelago, Concrete Everything

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, make sure to act fast before all the workshops get filled up!

Feature image taken from Unsplash