It’s a great time to be vegan or vegetarian in Singapore.

Plant-based dining is on the rise here, and gone are the days where vegans and vegetarians could only find respite at salad bars.

Whether it’s modest fare or fine dining, these joints go the extra mile to deliver savoury no-meat, gluten-free experiences to the discerning foodie.

Not into vegan dining? A seafood feast or  sumptuous Korean fare might just be what you’re looking for.


Top 5 vegan and vegetarian eats in Singapore


Find a Healthier You with These 5 Vegetarian Eats in Singapore

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1. The Living Café

Nested in the heart of Bukit Timah’s Sixth Avenue, The Living Café is a well-known ex-pat hangout in Singapore that serves a good selection of quality vegan fare.

Since 2011, the restaurant is dedicated to serving only white meat and organic produce. No dairy, white meat, refined sugars, preservatives, artificial additives or colourings are used in any of their dishes.

To top off a nourishing meal, this urban sanctuary also offers complimentary yoga classes. Patrons may also wish to pay a visit to their affiliated health and wellness clinic.


Find a Healthier You with These 5 Vegetarian Eats in Singapore

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2. Whole Earth

Singapore’s first and only plant-based restaurant to have been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand certainly impresses with its eclectic blend of Thai and Peranakan vegetarian dishes.

Whole Earth has been experimenting with vegan and vegetarian creations since 2003. The present selection of dishes was carefully curated out of nearly 728 culinary concoctions, and every dish definitely punches above its weight.

That said, many patrons swear by Whole Earth’s signature Nyonya curry. Served with minced mushrooms and potatoes, it is just as satiating as its meat counterpart.


Find a Healthier You with These 5 Vegetarian Eats in Singapore

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3. Real Food

Getting the kids started on a vegetarian or vegan diet can be difficult.

Not at Real Food though. Here, chefs have specially prepared a kid-friendly menu consisting of mini sourdough pancakes, crispy veggie nuggets, and a mushroom burger.

Beyond vegan and vegetarian options for the little ones, all dishes at Real Food are vegetarian. Most of them are also vegan and gluten-free.


Find a Healthier You with These 5 Vegetarian Eats in Singapore

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4. Afterglow by Anglow

It’s rather lamentable that many vegan and vegetarian dishes only define themselves by aspiring to resemble their meat-based counterparts.

Afterglow rejects that idea. At this esteemed restaurant, dishes are designed to accentuate the exclusive uniqueness that only vegetarian and vegan dishes can possess. One will find very little of the usual mimicry here.

Afterglow’s dishes all exude a certain flair. Be sure to try popular recommendations such as their avocado kimchi rolls and Cuban burger.


Find a Healthier You with These 5 Vegetarian Eats in Singapore

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5. Joie Restaurant by Dozo

Plant-based dining has come a long way in Singapore, and one can find the pinnacle of that success at Joie Restaurant by Dozo.

Pronounced “Joy”, this prominent establishment offers six and seven-course degustation menus that feature a carefully curated mix of Japanese – European fusion dishes.  To cleanse the palate, All guests also enjoy complimentary fruit juice

Even more wondrous that the aesthetic of their dishes is their price. For such impressive vegetarian and vegan fare, Joie’s set menus will only set you back  between 38.80 and 68.80.


Indulge in healthy goodness conveniently

Some entrants on this list are set to welcome dine-in customers, while others are not.

With a long list of patrons waiting their turn to savor these plant-based delights, making a reservation yourself will likely take a while.

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