After all the time spent working-from-home throughout the whole of 2020, we understand if you feel the need for a fresh look and vibe at home. It’s undoubtedly a little off-budget to be getting a new home just so that you could get a new environment to work and live in. Instead, we’ve compiled a list of nordic decoration tips so that you can give your nest a unique aura that’s ready to kickstart 2021.


Pick simple decorative accents

Nordic deco to spice up your home

Image: Alexandra Gorn/ Unsplash

It’s time you take down the bulky frames featuring your past holiday fun off the wall and switch it up with something a little more simplistic. For an extra boost of motivation, hang up a canvas calligraphed with your go-to quote onto a bare wall.

Instead of plonking packets of snacks on the coffee table, try decorating it with elegant ceramic vases or maybe a humidifier. As for your sofas, give them a fresh look by changing their outer covers. Better yet, just changing the cushion covers to ones with refined geometric prints will ultimately get your living room looking more classy.


Repaint your home to neutral colours

Nordic deco to spice up your home

Image: gettyimages

With all the humidity in the air, perhaps it’s time for a fresh coat of paint. To give a minimalistic vibe to your entire house, stick to neutral colours so as to let in as much light into your abode. Getting a bright coat of paint will give an extra glow to your work-from-home look, which will be extra radiant during your Zoom meetings.

We recommend using paints from Gush Singapore for its anti-bacterial and anti-purifying features alongside its ability to regulate humidity, so you’ll not feel suffocated after being contained in your home office for hours.

Recommended paint colours:

For the living room: All good things, Dairy Alternative

For the bedroom: Lawn, Breadwinner

For the home office: Sculpture, Linen


Limit the use of curtains

Nordic deco to spice up your home

Image: Creativastudio/Gettyimages

The trick to getting your house to look spacious and airy is to try to get as much natural light as possible. This could easily be achieved with less baggage on the windows — in this case, the curtains.

Undeniably, Asian mums often find it a necessity to have curtains hung up all around the windows. Their analogy given is not wrong, for the use of curtains is indeed mainly for seeking privacy and blocking out unwanted reflection. Nonetheless, if your mum isn’t into the idea of switching up to blinds, getting sheer curtains would do the job too.


Let’s roll out new carpets

Nordic deco to spice up your home

Image: Ryan Christodoulou/Unsplash

Picking out a new carpet could be a little overwhelming, considering the different styles and colours available. However, one thing’s for sure: rugs with contrasting patterns and colours will end up making your home looking disorganised and garish.

We certainly recommend paying close attention to your furniture before making your carpet purchase. If your upholstery or wallpaper is patterned, switch up the carpets with solid-coloured ones, or perhaps one with subtle designs. Vice versa, if your home is mostly solid coloured, carpets with bolder designs will add a little contrast to the living space.

If you are one who might get a little too indecisive, try getting your carpets from online merchandisers such as Shopee. Not only does this save you the hassle of lugging the mats home, but you also gain some extra spare time where you’d be able to start painting your rooms whilst waiting for the arrival of the new carpet.


Add some greenery

Nordic deco to spice up your home

Image: Jeff Sheldon/Unsplash


What’s a Scandinavian looking home without its plants? If you’re living in a HDB flat with no balcony or patio, bringing nature into your abode is the next possible option. Plants not only help to improve the air quality in the air but also instantly inject a new life into the living space, which ups the comfort factor in a room.

Be wary of the space constraint you might impose, as you could be prone to injuring yourself on the sharp edges of the leaves just by walking past it. If a potted plant does not seem feasible, perhaps you could consider getting smaller greens like a terrarium.

Ultimately, redecorating your home doesn’t solely mean that you need to go nordic. To say, merely decluttering your space could make a massive difference to the whole outlook of your home. Most importantly, do not confine yourself to the perfection you see on Pinterest or when the media portrays how a perfect home should depict.

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